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When your business requires immediate response and efficient service, Impex is the right choice. Speed, reliability and cost-effectiveness are the cornerstones of our Air Freight success. Our air freight shipments take about 5-10 business days. We ship out on Tuesdays.

Please create an account with us before you send you shipment down to us

Airfreight Freight Rates from New Jersey to Lagos & Other Nigerian Cities

Air Freight & Custom Clearing

Lagos & Other Cities

Under 26 LBS

Lagos & Other Cities

Over 26 LBS

General Products- Shoes/Bags & Clothes $3.90 /Lb $4.25 /Lb
Perfumes & Hazmat Products $4.50 /Lb $4.50 /Lb
Laptops, Notebooks, IPads etc. $4.10 /Lb $4.10 /Lb

 All Air Fright shipments are Door to Door deliveries unless stated otherwise

We cannot take off the delivery rate

*Our minimum shipping weight is 5lbs

++Destination Delivery Rates

Lagos $8 $.50 per LB + $3
All Other Cities $15 $.50 per LB + $3


Air freight package consolidation:

Please fill out a consolidation request before your packages reach our facility

  • Consolidation is valid for 3 or more packages, no less
  • Consolidation charges is $7.0 per package consolidated (this covers the time & effort to group the packages)
  • Package Cutting fee is $3.0 per package
  • Repacking fee is $3.0 per package
  • All packages assembled from Monday to Friday are be shipped out on the shipping day.
  • Consolidation can only be done on packages that arrive Impex processing facility within a 3 day window, this window can be extended from a Monday to a Friday but shall NEVER be extended from a Friday to a Monday.
  • Customers can opt for Impex cargo insurance which is 2.5% of the item or cargo value, values over $1000.0 shall be 2.05% of value

Air freight Services include:

  • Int’l Standard – 3-5 Business Days
  • On-board courier services
  • Blind Shipments
  • Charters
  • IATA direct loading
  • Full and partial charters
  • Customs brokerage
  • Export and trans-shipments
  • Air freight & Handling of heavy and/or dangerous goods
  • Port to Port or Door to Door
  • Packaging, crating, and short-term warehousing
  • Palletized cargo
  • Global preferred carriers