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Impex Worldwide Express will aid you with the management of your inventory as if it were in your own warehouse, thereby freeing up space at your facility for your core operations. As a manufacturer, wholesaler or retailer Impex Worldwide Express is your ideal choice for storing materials off site.

IMPEX organises the storage and distribution of your packages and essentially ensures the right packages are delivered to the right locations on time and at a good cost. Impex is involved in transportation, stock control, warehousing and monitoring the flow of your materials and/packages.

Storage Charges (After 10 days)

Rates are applicable in all Impex warehouses.

Storage Charges Rates/Mon
Minimum $ 25.0
Per Sq. Ft - floor $ 0.80
Per Sq. Ft - Racked $ 1.00
Per Pallet $ 4.00
Air Freight Package $ 0.20/Lb.
Car $ 40.00
SUV/Van $ 50.00
Industrial Machine $ 80.00