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Save over 60% on Air Freight, by using our New Impex Air Freight Consolidation, this is how:

• Consolidation requests can only be initiated by you our customer through your Impex online dashboard, (from the left Menu bar, click on Consolidations – Start New Shipment. (you can also request pickups & shipments from here)

• Consolidation is valid for 3 or more packages 
• Consolidation is valid for packages assembled from same week’s Monday to Friday.
• Consolidated packages would be air freighted out each Friday.
• Consolidation can only be done on packages that arrive Impex processing facility within a 3day window, this window can be extended from a Monday to a Friday but shall NEVER be extended from a Friday to a Monday.
• Consolidation charge is $10.0 per package, (this is over 60% discount compared to $27 minimum package price) 
• Regular shipping fees would be charged where applicable.• Impex cargo insurance: Customers can opt for Impex cargo insurance which is 2.5% of the item or cargo value, values over $1000.0 shall be 2.05% of value. For Air Freight: Maximum Impex insurance value is $5,000.0. 
Email your questions to infousa@impexworldwide.com or chat with us at www.impex.com.
We appreciate your business and look forward to serving you in the future.
Impex Cust Service Team.